Why start an online business?

2 Oct, 2009 Phil Blog, Money, Starting Up

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to start a business of some sort, and escape the rat-race.  You’ve made the hardest decision of all. Now comes the easier part – What sort of business should you start?

Obviously there are so many different types of business to get going with – but for the purposes of this post, let’s divide this simply into 2 sections: an online business and an offline business.

Offline Business

This is the normal route most people would consider firstly when they think “I’ll start my own company”.  Maybe that means starting a retail shop, maybe a call centre, or maybe a trade service like an electrician, engineer etc.  Either way, you will have plenty of overheads whether that be from renting office space, shop space, or buying stock or equipment, hiring staff (if required) and stationary.

If you deal B2C (business to customer), your hours will be sporadic, maybe daytime hours, maybe evenings and weekends.  If you work B2B (Business to business) then you’ll typically work 9-5 monday to friday.

Online business

An online presence for business is a very powerful marketing and communication tool.  It is also an incredible source of cost-efficiency, an environmentally friendly way to work and a sign of professionalism which is pretty much a requirement today.  Powerful, fast and efficient make this a marketing and communication tool medium.  Here are a few reasons why I (and you) should consider an online business:

  • Minimal startup time & investment. Search engine optimized websites pay themselves off very quickly as long as they provide customers with valuable products or services
  • The most environmentally friendly way to run a business. Telecommuting reduces the number of cars and car miles. You can test your sales strategies and offerings without wasting precious paper and other valuable resources. Put your invoices, newsletters and catalogues online and save numerous little green trees.  Plus, you can run your business in your pyjamas if you want.  Who doesn’t want to work everyday in the pj’s?
  • Very inexpensive – A great way to reach new markets and interact with them on numerous platforms.
  • Office & transportation cost savings – no office space, no staff and no stocktaking.  Your bedroom is your office.
  • Unlimited possibilities for automation of your business – You can automate your orders and payment processes, inventory management, your customer support tasks and more.  Lazy? Love spending time with friends and family?  This is a HUGE plus (one for me was not having to commute anymore in gridlocked traffic)
  • Freedom to live and work where you like – You can be travelling while running your online business and run multiple businesses simultaneously!  Take your laptop on holiday and run your business on the beach if you want.  Sweet.
  • Global presence 24/7.  Your business is making you money while you sleep.
  • A sign of professionalism – AND the fact that you can appear as a huge multi-national company – even though it’s just you.

There are so many benefits of an online business compared to a normal business blueprit.  For freedom, ease of use and low costs and overheads, make an online business plan to seriously think about.

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