Branding Your Website

7 Mar, 2010 Phil Brand, Missions
Branding Your Website

Branding — a hot business buzzword in the ’90s — has come front and center again. Small businesses are rediscovering that branding is a surefire way to make or break a product or service, and the company that produces it. Every business can benefit from branding, right down to the independent contractor working alone. It’s becoming increasingly vital to keep up. Buyers — either business or consumer — have shorter and shorter attention spans. Entrepreneurs must constantly recharge existing brands and devise new ones. Branding and marketing go together. Says branding guru Laura Ries, of the marketing firm Ries & Ries, “If you can build a powerful brand you will have a powerful marketing program. If you can’t, then all the advertising, fancy packaging, sales promotions and PR in the world won’t help you succeed.” Three keys to power-branding:

  1. Effective branding combines Web and off-line elements. It is much more than a customer’s reaction to your name or logo. It’s the customer’s total experience with you, your product or service.
  2. Think what you sell can’t be branded? Think again. Almost anything can be branded, including you, personally.
  3. The Web is the only interactive mass medium, so take advantage of it. Use interactive features whenever possible. The future belongs to the up-and-coming businesses that do the best job of building their brands on the Internet.’s “What Works for Business” blog is a great way to keep up with the latest brand-building solutions, trends and strategies for small and medium business.



Action Steps
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done:


Discover your own brand

Dive into a world of branding advice and information on the Web.

I recommend: Don’t be fooled by the regional name Texas Advertising. This site from the University of Texas Department of Advertising has some terrific stuff – including a long list of sites and other info on Brands and Branding. from Interbrand, calls itself the world’s only online exchange about branding. It has grown to become a valuable resource to a growing base of subscribers and other readers.

Gain insight into the world of brands

The Brand Show, on radio and the Web, offers insight into the world of brands. Through bits and pieces of branding wisdom and a complete lack of preparation, the show dives head first into exploring the brands people love, hate and love to hate.

Check out the future of business branding – and the past

The “rules” on branding are always changing.

I recommend: Martin Lindstrom is one of the savviest branding experts around. Request his free newsletter on branding. Branding books and DVDs for sale in the Brand Education Center. Adaholic can show you some of the classic branding campaigns of the past.

Build your brand with promotional items

Promotion items are all about gaining exposure for your brand.

I recommend: is the world’s largest online seller of promotional items for branding a business.

Get a business logo you can brand

One of the key pieces of your brand might be your business, product or service logo.

I recommend: OwenDevelopment can design and delivery a custom logo fast, and at an affordable price.



Tips & Tactics
Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide

  • The best brands tend to tap emotions and appeal to a person’s natural need for involvement.
  • Strive for simplicity. Too much information confuses your brand message.
  • Be original in identifying your brand identity – the thing that sets you apart. Hint: Not quality or service. Everybody does that!
  • Be consistent with your brand’s look, feel and message whenever and wherever they appear.
  • Avoid trying to be overly “cool” or in-the-moment. Too hard to sustain. The brand must be relevant, but long term.
  • Base your brand on your customers’ needs. Don’t know them? Ask your customers.


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  3. So true. Branding is your message to the world about what you stand for.

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