How Much Traffic Can You Get From Social Networking?

9 Nov, 2009 Phil Marketing

If you get your content right (text / pictures / categories etc), social media sites can send 10’s of thousands of visitors to your site in a very short space of time.   But how much traffic do these social media sites really send realistically?

I have been researching across the web  and looking at some of my client’ stats and have come up with a rough guide to how many unique visitors on average you can expect to get from a popular story on some of the top social tagging and news sites.  I have worked out my estimates mainly from Google Analytics, so it’s a good estimation.


Yahoo! Buzz

There is a new sheriff in town, there have been reports of Yahoo! Buzz which sends over one million visitors to a frontpage story.  From what I have heard off one or two bloggers you can generally expect just short of half a million uniques.  This is something you should seriously look at in the first instance.

Frontpage Traffic: 100,000 – 1,000,000+



Social news site Digg is renowned for crashing servers, this is mainly because of the volume of visitors it sends in such a short space of time when a submission 1st hits the frontpage.   Still good numbers and definately one to seriously look at.

Frontpage Traffic: 2,000 – 60,000+



According to my research, a submission to StumbleUpon will generally go ‘popular’ and send some decent traffic  your way, when it gets to around 50 stumbles.  The bulk of the traffic will usually spread over 2-3 days, after that it will come in dribs and drabs.

Traffic: 1,000 – 50,000+



Providing you have some decent news to share, or a story that will interest the community, Reddit is a sure thing for a quick burst of visitors.  The amount of visitors a popular link receives will depend on how far up the frontpage it goes and how long it stays there for.

Frontpage Traffic: 2,500 – 30,000+


eBaum’s World

Comedy and humour site Ebaums World is normally overlooked by internet marketers as a good traffic source.  The newly created ‘link submit’ category can drive thousands of visitors to your website.

Frontpage Traffic: 2,500 – 20,000+


I Am Bored

Another site that seems to have been overlooked by internet marketers is I Am Bored, popular submissions will generally receive many thousands of unique visitors.

Frontpage Traffic: 2,000 – 20,000+

Social ‘tagging’ website Delicious tends to trickle traffic over time.   Saying that, links that hit the frontpage as a featured submission will generally receive a good couple of thousand visitors in a very short space of time.

Frontpage Traffic: 500 – 5,000+



Facebook is one of the most highly trafficked websites online, with millions of visitors every day. If you are thinking of ways to increase the traffic to your website, you cannot leave Facebook marketing out of the picture.

Social media marketing is very popular nowadays and it is an excellent way for marketers to build brand and increase overall traffic to their sites.  I will cover Facebook Marketing seperately soon as this deserves a seperate section on how Facebook marketing can be effectively utilised to grow your online presence.


The Fark Community

If your submission is liked by the Fark community it will without doubt receive some good traffic. If a link makes it onto the frontpage it will receive huge amounts.

Frontpage Traffic: 5,000 – 45,000+

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