Is Zeriouz Serious? *Updated*

30 Nov, 2009 Phil Marketing, SEO
Is Zeriouz Serious?  *Updated*

So I came across Zeriouz the other day.  Heard of it?  No?  Well, neither had I.

Upon closer inspection, Zeriouz seems to be a network for web owners to register on a scheme to promote other zeriouz partners plus adding a link for people to register their own site, through yours.  If successful, those that sign up for it (100% free), will have your link on their site as a referral to promote your site and obtain a backlink of that page.

There’s not much across the web as to whether it actually works, but the theory is there.  Much in the way Network Marketing works,  Zeriouz offers a hierarchial system not to be confused with ‘pyramids’, but more like a ‘downline’.  That is to say, that if someone uses your referral to get signed up, your link will appear in the 5 zeriouz partners on the bottom of their page.

In theory, this should work and is totally ‘White hat SEO’ as you are not spamming sites, nor are you joining some link farm – which most SEO’s know, is frowned on by Google and other Search Engines.  Each referral is subject to people checking your page to ensure you are correctly promoting your site and that you have the links (unmodified) on your homepage.

Here’s what the owner of Zeriouz claims on his website:

There are too many people not understanding zeriouz (mainly because they don’t read the website, which I spent a lot of time and effort writing explanations and making videos for). It’s not everyone, but it’s the majority. I just want to let you know how to make the most of zeriouz, and if you listen to me you WILL create a lot of links and traffic! I am broadcasting this message to everyone who has added their URL to zeriouz (and also everyone that has viewed zeriouz and entered their details), so that you can make the most of the FREE and POWERFUL zeriouz system.

Some people have literally thousands of links from other people’s websites, pointing to their own “through zeriouz”. The difference between these people and the ones who have no links at all is a “little bit of promotion”. Just a LITTLE BIT!

See, zeriouz doesn’t do anything all by itself.  In order to get links on other people’s websites to your own, you must have them become a zeriouz partner. Each and every person that becomes a zeriouz partner through a referral URL) will add a link to YOUR WEBSITE on “their homepage”. To refer more partners, you have three options:

1). You can simply promote your own website. This is something you should already be doing if you’re trying to increase traffic. People will naturally see the zeriouz partner link (if they can see it ie: It’s not somewhere on the page where no one will look), and they will click “Add Your Link”. When they join zeriouz, your URL will be on their homepage.

2). Providing that you have the zeriouz code on the homepage of your website, you can (and really should) just promote your zeriouz referral URL further on your own website. That’s the URL in the “Add Your Link” code. To get the URL simply right click on it and copy the link. Then you can put that link in your signature on forums, or even make a link close to the top of your website saying: “Free Traffic”. If you have a forum or email lists, SEND IT TO THEM. Encourage people to become a zeriouz partner. The whole idea is to get people to zeriouz through your own referral URL! That’s what results in links and traffic!

3). You can directly send people to zeriouz (through your referral URL) on safelists, forums, solo ads – what ever! This is HIGHLY recommended. Some of you have the ABILITY to mass promote your zeriouz referral URL, yet you do not. You could be attracting thousands of links to YOUR WEBSITE. This means traffic!

See, some people are adding zeriouz code to a website that has “zero traffic”, or very close to zero traffic. They are not promoting their own website OR their zeriouz referral URL, and then they’re contacting me a month later and saying: “So where’s all the links?” — “HUH? WHERE’S ALL THE LINKS?”. zeriouz does NOT give you free traffic without you promoting anything. That is not how it works. You MUST promote your website and your zeriouz URL.

Yahoo is displaying over 91,000 of them but my records show that there’s close to 200,000 links. These are websites linking to zeriouz partners! If you don’t have any links out of those 200,000 – you didn’t promote your zeriouz referral URL. It’s that simple!

Zeriouz is SO easy to build referrals for, because it’s absolutely free and requires no registration. zeriouz is extremely powerful, extremely viral and is growing extremely fast — even with a small portion of the people actually taking the time to understand how it works and going out to promote their website and referral URL. Even the people who are putting in a meager effort are attracting a lot of links.

If EVERYONE promoted their referral URL, there would be over 2 million links by now – not 200,000. There WILL be 2 million links soon though, because I am currently spending close to ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS each month promoting zeriouz! I want everyone to benefit from that advertising. zeriouz gets LOT of traffic. That is why it’s also very good to be on the moderation list which only costs $7.00 (This WILL be going up to the tune of close to $100) per link once zeriouz has links in the millions, so take advantage of that now. All advertising money goes directly (100%) back into the promotion of zeriouz anyway! So it’s a great advertising offer!

I am just trying to reiterate and emphasize that if you promote your referral URL (even just ONE new referral per day), your links WILL increase and you WILL see a lot more traffic to your website. Over time, you will have attracted thousands of links and will have THOUSANDS of websites linking to yours.

Please understand what I am saying here. I am not trying to hype zeriouz up.  Zeriouz REALLY WORKS – but you have to do at least SOMETHING to get referrals. You can’t just add the code to your website — sit back and say: “So where’s all the traffic?”.

If you have understood this message, PLEASE contact me back and say: “Yes I understand” (and I spent some time on the website to understand everything). It will help me to get some sleep tonight :)

If you do NOT understand how zeriouz works, please contact me also! I will explain it to you personally! But first, PLEASE take a look at the website. There’s a LOT of information there — all about how everything works. Each time I reply to someone, I am almost always repeating “verbatim” what is in the zeriouz information center.

There are videos too. There are explanations everywhere. I highly recommend that if you are NOT receiving traffic from zeriouz and if you are NOT promoting your referral URL, please go back to zeriouz and spend a bit of time on the site to truly learn how it works — because if you do not understand — YOU ARE MISSING OUT! This is UTTERLY free (and powerful) advertising!”


Now I’ve only started this and have no base for any results yet – but I’ll keep you all updated as to how successful this is as time goes on.

———\\ UPDATE //———

6 months of displaying the zeriouz links on my site, and not 1 link.   May try it again in the future, but for the meantime, I’m going to stick to creating my own backlinks the good old fashioned way.    :)

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Phil is creative director at PSM Digital but also freelances with web design and SEO in Manchester, UK. He researches and studies online business, along with the latest technological advances and development in design, SEO and social media.


  1. Thanks heaps for this writeup mate. Very well written. Great quality article. It’s nice to see when people actually understand zeriouz, and get everything right — and factual.

  2. Thanks Len.

    I’ll hopefully see the results soon before I use this on my big sites. Good idea and thanks for starting it – always admire ‘idea’ people.

  3. Thanks heaps for this writeup mate. Very well written. Great quality article. It’s nice to see when people actually understand zeriouz, and get everything right — and factual.

  4. Thanks, I was wondering if zerious actually worked. All the other blogs seems to just have nothing but rave reviews for it which sounds paid. Ive been doing good so far generating my own links and getting my PR up, dont need the extra crap on my already semi almost cluttered page :-P

  5. In theory – I can see how it works, but I think the issue is that you can’t control it yourself – you have to rely on other people using it as it’s meant to be used in order to see any noticable difference.

  6. Hi Phil,

    Share your feelings as I cannot say that it’s made any difference, but should add that I’m kinda new to this whole SEO thing and building backlinks is something I’m still befuddled and confused about, even though I can understand that it is a necessary and important thing to do. Any suggestions as to how you’ve been successfull otherwise?


  7. Hi Joe,

    I find the best SEO strategies that have worked great for me previously have been:

    1. Backlinks. This isn’t just the sheer number, but also the quality (high PR / authority sites).
    2. On Page SEO. Making sure the content (meta, h1 tags, strong tags, sitemaps etc) is all optimised for your keywords
    3. Offline Marketing. Using Social Media like Twitter and Facebook are a great way of bringing traffic to your site.
    4. Robots file. Ensures that you create the most effective ways for SE spiders to crawl and index every page.
    5. Page Titles should be different for every page rather than just the website name. Also insure keywords as well (ordered – most important first)
    6. Anchor links. Instead of using ‘website name’ as the title of the link, use keywords as the anchor link title. So, for example, your code would be changed from:

    < a href="" rel="nofollow">Website name< /a>


    < a href="" rel="nofollow">Your keyword< /a>

    There are a lot more factors, but these are the main ones that should be considered. Hope this helps. As long as all the On-page SEO is optimised for your chosen keywords, the marketing and backlinks should reflect and match them. Also, use SEO analysis such as SEO workers and Pear Analytics to help guide you.

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