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27 Nov, 2009 Phil Marketing

As future web entrepreneurs, we already know that online marketing and offline marketing are very different entities.  We all know that this goes without saying.  But there are some questions out there that have been roaming around my brain for quite some time so I figured I would address this very topic with you guys as well.   

First, let me start off by saying neither method is better than the other.  They both take different avenues to get certain things done within their businesses.  They achieve different things.  So this isn’t a “who is better than who” debate.  This explanation really just highlights some of the differences between the two.

As the general economy presents another series of poor numbers and the terrifying face of deflation threatens, mainstream advertisers are forced to ask themselves some very difficult questions.  Limited purchasing budgets must stretch further and attract a buying public wary of spending their own limited purchasing budgets.  Coupled with the declining value of the US dollar, many companies cannot afford a failed advertising campaign but still need to attract new customers and reach out to past clients.  There are several forms of advertising media available both in the online and offline worlds, all of which have shown solid returns for advertisers and all of which, carry their pros and cons.

Being a keen SEO and online marketer, I am obviously biased to the paid form of online marketing and believe its success far outweighs the results delivered by offline marketing simply because so many people are turning to the Internet to look for absolutely anything they desire… and they will find it!

I recently read an article on ClickZ which sheds an interesting perspective on these two forms of marketing.  Basically statistics are showing that the integration of online and offline marketing is achieving results far better than they can produce on their own. “According to a new study by Jupiter Research and search marketing agency iProspect, a surprising two-thirds of searchers are led to search on a given keyword as a result of offline marketing”.

I think it is essential for companies to integrate online and offline marketing strategies (and it is a shame that so many of them don’t); we are, after all, living in a technologically driven age where if you need to know anything all you need to do is conduct a search on the Web.   How to fix your own car, how to buy a house, where best to buy rawhide bones for your pet dog.

So what better way is there to find out if an advertisement in a newspaper/magazine is really selling what it claims to be, than by searching for it on the Internet?  And what’s even better is that while offline ads are leading to searches on the web, online advertising is able to track what is or isn’t leading to purchases or sales and allow us to tweak the campaign at any time in order to achieve the results – not so easy for the offline marketing endeavours is it?

So for all those future web companies and web entrepreneurs out there who have been weary of making the move to online advertising – it’s not one or the other anymore.  By integrating the two you can achieve success… the results will speak for themselves.

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