Project X is now way into development…

24 Sep, 2009 Phil Marketing, Starting Up

Project X is now further in it’s development.  The site has been fully planned, sitemapped and designed html-wise.

Features and usability have been completed and finalised and the project is now sitting with my development team who are busy deep in coding the site.

Putting the actual site away for a second, I am now beginning to plan for the marketing launch of the site, which will be due in a month or so (longer after full testing).   I have scnaned the web looking for secrets of marketing and advertising on a bootstrap.

There’s plenty of information out there, some conflicting with each other as to the best way to do this, but overall, the direction is good and there are some excellent articles from people who have succeeded at this already so that’s who I’ll follow.

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Phil is creative director at PSM Digital but also freelances with web design and SEO in Manchester, UK. He researches and studies online business, along with the latest technological advances and development in design, SEO and social media.

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