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26 Oct, 2009 Phil Marketing, SEO

As well as learning the required techniques and skills required for effective seo, there are also a few vital tools I always use to help with the seo side of marketing your website.  These should be on your hot-list:

1  Search status .  This tool is actually a Firefox extension, whatever browser you may use is up to you.  But the browser of choice for web developers, designers and internet marketing professionals should be Firefox for its wide array of plugins.  This handy little tool will tell you the pagerank/alexa/compete ranking for the current site you are on.   Which is helpful information, but it also allows you to right click and bring up a menu which will let you search for backlinks (on yahoo, google, msn), indexed (on yahoo, google, msn) pages and keyword density. 

2.   SEO for Firefox: .   This one is also a Firefox extension, it allows you to see information within search results about the various pages that are being displayed.  This one is mostly handy-to-do research on competitors and reasons why they may be ranking better then a site you are optimizing.   Some of the information is less important than stuff like backlinks or edu and gov links.   But all-in-all you can get a pretty good idea about a site by just looking at that information.

3.   Webmaster Central .   This is a Google-provided service that will allow you to see some really great statistics about a site.   You have to sign up for a Google account and verify that you have access to the domain, but once that is done there is a treasure chest of information available.   You can see the most popular search results your site showed up for, you can see what the most popular search results you received a click for and all kinds of other helpful information.  This can assist you in trying different methods of getting that user to click on your link in the search results.

4.   Seomoz .   By itself, this isn’t really a ‘tool’ in the typical sense of the word, but the amount of tools that they offer for free is overwhelming.  Not to mention the fantastic content that is available so you can better understand all of their tools and others to best rank better and create more conversions for your clients.   One of the tools is a backlink anchor analysis, which can help you to discover what sites are linking in to your site in the anchor text.   It also has a Page Strength tool that will give you some information about how your site is doing in various aspects and assign a calculated Page Strength.    They also have a premium membership that offers some more advanced tools for about $49/month.

5.   SEO Chat .   This is another web site that isn’t by itself a tool but does provide a ton of fantastic tools that can add to your arsenal of optimization.  There are a lot of Keyword-related tools that can help in your keyword research tasks for your client.   One of my favorites is using Site Link Analyzer that will give you a ton of fantastic information about the links in your web site.   The site also offers some great articles and a forum to help you even more with your search marketing needs.  


I know not all of these are what you were expecting, but I’m sure you wanted to see this link or that link for helping you to build up your site in search engines.   Honestly, this is what I use to help me with every client I work with.   It is important that you optimize yourself with these five resources and not get distracted by some of the other junk that may be offered in other sites.   Believe me, there is a lot (eg, get as many backlinks as physically possible).   Nearly everything you need will be found in these five search marketing resources.  You don’t need to spend a ton of time elsewhere that could be spent adding great content to your site.

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