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1 Oct, 2009 Phil Marketing

Previously, I have covered SEO in the preparation of your website hitting the world and getting the correct things in place to make it search engine-friendly.  Let’s now look at another great tool at your disposal to get people aware of your site both online and offline – Press Releases.

Press Releases are a crucial way to distinguish or differentiate your website or company in the public’s view.  Startups can use this effective platform to spread the message of the launch of your site, and equally useful; most companies already understand this strategy and in one way or another they have used press releases to make special announcements or let everyone know about special offers or landmark events they have got involved with.

Today, with the online press release, it can be used in a multitude of ways that will help in your effective seo efforts.

So how the hell can it be done?  I mean, how do you compliment your new SEO campaign with a press releas?  The PR campaign online is very different than your standard PR through traditional print media sources, such as a newpaper or magazine. For example, if I launched a site in Manchester -  I would probably distribute the PR to all of the local papers of course (MEN, Metro, Stockport Express etc) and then issue a second ‘wave’ of press releases to my local publications and neighborhood publications like the Didsbury magazine, the Offerton Newsletter etc.   But none of these are really going to assist with my seo on my website in Manchester, (although by making mention of my website inside the press release I would probably receive  a few visitors to my site from it.   The only downside, is that the direct traffic would be very short-lived and wouldn’t give me a permanent back link into my website.  It may give me a few hits on my site that day, but the next day, it would probably be forgotten forever.

So what can we do online that is similar but with better chances of longer-lasting effects and visits online?  In this case, I would distribute my press releases online to services on the web that enable me to link the content in the press release directly to my website.  By adding one or two useful links (full  http://  working links!) within the article, it would direct ‘clickable’ traffic to my website or any URL’s within my website, and it will be assisting the Google PageRank and overall linking strategy which will directly help on search result page listings on Google.

Using such online distribution services is important because these special sources of news usually already have a high page rank and have a high regard by the search engines as they have a lot of content and traffic already.  So when they release the press release by you, usually the article will start to show in the top of the search engines for the keyword that you targeted throughout the article – almost immediately.  So for example, if we released a press release on ‘UK Healthcare’ and we submitted the release with these keywords to the major online PR services, our article might likely show up for this search term through the PR sites.  If someone searches for this term online and finds the article before they find our site, it is likely that they will click on the article, read the info, then click to our site within the article or perhaps one of the hyperlinked key phrases inside the article.  The nicest part of this press release is that it does not get tossed in the bin like a newspaper, it remains online pointing at our site for as long as the press release service keeps it up!.  Not bad eh?

Now, these online PR sites do charge for their services (suprised?) and can cost anything from £1 up to £315.00.  They all seem to offer different programs as well, so have a look through what each offers and make your decision.  What I mean is that some are enhanced for SEO purposes, while some of the better performing services like and are a little more traditional with their approach.  They also have a more famous reputation and are normally the first line most people will approach.  Remember to follow Google’s guidelines when creating your press release, after all, you still want to establish a release that has useful content and is not just stuffed with keywords that confuse the article.

It is also worth mentioning, that physical magazines and newspapers scan these sites for stories they can actually print if relevant.  Especially in recession, when there appears to be a lack of content, so take full advantage of this now.

Some examples of releases that might work for your business would be maybe the announcement of a new location or premesis, a new service or product that your company is introducing or perhaps you are speaking at a conference or industry event.  Anyhow, when you’re launching a new website, it’s the perfect opportunity (and one of the most effective), so I highly recommend looking into this avenue and making the necessary allowances to your launch budget.  I certainly will when my new site (Project X) is fully up and running.

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