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16 Apr, 2009 Phil Starting Up


Continuing with Project X, the last few weeks have been a little more quiet.   Reason for this, I need to think things through before submitting a definitive list of what I’m offering users free and paid. Once this is complete, development begins and I think that the reality of actually starting this venture really begins

After my previous entry bringing you up to speed, my efforts in setting up my business are reaching an end from the planning stage, and now beginning to move more into stage 2: development.

Tonight, I will compete my final project requirements for my site.  This includes everything … and I mean EVERYTHING.   Features for general users, lists of features for members on the site,  graphics and logo requirements, rules within the site (as far as processes),  Other requirements (eg, newsletter, mailing lists etc).

I’ve also been thinking hard about marketing the site once complete.  I believe internet marketing to be very effective in todays world of media communications, but pinpointing exactly what will work is the decision that needs making.  I have looked at the obvious Adsense from Google, releasing a PR announcement, Viral videos and I think a combination of all these will help launch.  Because of how I have thought through the workings of the site, a lot of the users will be spreading the word via word-of-mouth, with a ‘tell-a-friend’ scheme I also have in place.

True, I’m not the only site to offer a service like ‘Project X’, but it’s the way I’ll offer that service to them, and just how easy and simple I’ll make it to do so, will make sure cusotmers use the site to their full potential and enjoy using the service.

I also tonight, need to finalize my requirements of finding an affiliate who can contribute to my site with one or two articles, specializing in the content of my site in exchange for an advert promoting a book/dvd series etc.

I have also needed to find out lots of techie stuff such as an online merchant to handle the payments, dedicated hosting, SSL certification and potentially an SMS gateway for alerts (not final or essential to the site).  There is truly a good amount of thinking to setting something up like this.

I’ll be back on with more information on my success in completing todays tasks a little later…

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