The Mission


(noun: someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves risks; risk-taking businessperson; a person who organizes and manages a business, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit; One who creates a product on his own account, a creative perfectionist; A person starting a new company who takes on the risks associated with starting the enterprise, which may require venture capital to cover start-up costs;)

The Mission:

TheOneManMission is an ongoing journey, told with an insirational flavour – to help you start, plan and launch a website successfully.

The name ‘The One Man Mission’ is to emphasise  the modern day success stories we hear about every day about one person who owns a hugely-profitable website of some sort, and probably run it from their bedroom.  Anyone can do this, and you can do it all yourself.

TheOneManMission will cover many aspects of building an online business from scratch.   The success, the pitfalls, the stresses, the achievements; I aim to blog wherever I can, adding little tips of what I researched to help my clients’ web businesses launch, then grow with turbo-seo.

What makes this all the more interesting  is the fact that I don’t actually have any computer-programming qualifications to help me.  I didn’t  go to technology school like MIT or anything.  I am a freelance web designer and all self-taught  from about 6 years ago.  I started building websites to learn, then for fun, then as a hobby.   I built a few sites for friends and it then quickly developed into creating websites for businesses of all types and sizes and here I am, passing useful information to you all, helping anyone who wants a successful website with valuable tips and advice that has had great results so far for me and my clients.



About The One Man Mission...

Hi I’m Phil. Welcome to my blog, where you’ll find useful information on web design, development and online business advice.  I’m a creative director for a digital agency in Manchester, UK and I also freelance web design also.  Currently setting up and developing a new online business, I am here...

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